“I thought she was saying “Nana” when she said “Na, Na,” clarifies Nana Patekar on Tanushree Dutta’s allegations

tanushree dutta

Actress Tanushree Dutta while talking about the popular #MeToo trend and its impact on India, alleged Nana Patekar of harassing her on the sets of Horn ‘Ok’ Pleassss, a 2009 film. Tanushree Dutta was all over the internet after this allegation, and things further shook up when she made a remark on Bollywood, calling it not less than a brothel.

Tanushree Dutta further revealed that Nana Patekar was a serial woman molester and that it was a well-known fact in the industry that he beats up, misbehaves and takes the advantage of women working beside him. She also added that nobody has had the courage to directly call him out for his perversion especially after renowned Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan normalized casting couch as an occupational hazard citing how it was necessary to earn “roti” in the industry.

Nana Patekar initially ignored the allegations levelled against him but after the news went viral he was forced to speak up in order to protect his image. While answering to one of the journalists he said: “See the thing is that I did not understand the context when she said, “na, na” (means no no) and thought that she’s, in fact, moaning my name. I apologise but she should have been more clear with what she wanted me to do.”

Currently, it is not clear whether the entire scandal is a part of just another PR stunt or a means to extract money. More details awaited.

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