Standup Comedian Group Sends An Anticipatory Apology To Church Bishop Before Making a Christian Joke

church bishop

Members of a notorious stand-up comedy group have recently written a letter to the Kerala Church bishop, Franco Mulakkal, who has been arrested for raping a nun multiple times, apologising in advance for the jokes they are going to make on him.

Reportedly, the same group of jokers once rendered an unconditional apology to the Christian community for making jokes on them. However, this is a completely different case, since the apology is not only unconditional but also anticipatory.

Franco Mulakkal hasn’t accepted the apology yet and would take a few more days to get bail and thus approve the apology letter. Till then the comedy group has no other option but to patiently wait and hope that no other comedian cracks the same joke since the group is infamous for lifting others’ jokes too.

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