Yogi Government Mandates Bulletproof Cars and Jackets for Citizens to Avoid a Repetition of Vivek Tiwari Incident

vivek tiwari

On Saturday, in an unfortunate incident, an Apple executive Vivek Tiwari was allegedly shot dead by two police constables for refusing to halt for a ‘routine check’. Soon after the episode, CM Yogi Adityanath called for a meeting in order to discuss the same and devise measures to mitigate it in the future. After a day-long marathon meeting, it was decided that the UP government shall now mandate bulletproof cars for all the citizens so as to avoid a recurrence of Vivek Tiwari incident.

Speaking to the media one of the senior police officers said: “You need to understand that UP Police is on the verge of finishing off all goons and have been ordered to either shoot them or shoot them. The only way to protect the citizen in such circumstances is by giving them bullet-proof jackets and cars.”

The State government spokesperson also added that the government is taking up the responsibility and not getting away by merely saying “when a big tree falls, the earth shakes.”

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